New Life


New Life, is a series of three piece collage pictures. Inspired by a dear life long friend of mine and the birth of her beautiful girl. I wanted to capture pregnancy, mother and daughter motherhood, and the trio of father, mother and daughter. These are the photocopies of the originals, the originals are with my friend.


Copyright © Lydia Cresswell 2018


Knee Anatomy



Knee Anatomy, is the study of the bone, cartilage and ligament components of the knee. I used pencil to draft the anatomical structure, then watercolour to highlight texture and the difference in structure between the bones of the femur, tibia and fibula opposed to the knee joint itself. This was done with artistic freedom in colour choice. This also brings direct attention to the main subject of the joint, and the leg bones acting as tools to better understand what the joint is and how it functions.


Copyright © Lydia Cresswell 2018

Human Skull

Human Skull, is a combination of pencil and pastel. The pencil helped to create definition and precision to the skull’s structure, whilst the pastel softened and deepened the bones with texture and its off white colour, which off camera does appear creamy with a hint of creamy yellow to the white.

Drawing the body using study of anatomy, brings together my hobby and massage work, and is as much a learning process as a creative one.


Copyright© Lydia Cresswell 2018



These snaps were taken on a whim after I enjoyed seeing the different shapes and light being captured by the splashes of water. I then thought about using stones to create the splashes, but decided I liked the connection of the human body with the water, whether it were my own feelings at the time it suggested a playfullness from simple happiness found in splashing in water. I later experimented with editing the light, shadow, contrast and exposure in both colour and black and white to see the effect.

Copyright © Lydia Cresswell 2018

Oban to Mull


This is work in progress, using acrylic to capture a part of the crossing from Oban to the Isle of Mull. So far I have worked on the water trying to grasp the colours and shapes, then have moved on to the shoreline hills and the cloudy sky above. This is where I have more work to do, in observing the shades and formation of clouds so that even the pale fluffy expanse has depth, and the cause of shadow it leaves on the landscape. My intention is to pull the eye into the centre of the painting with a more detailed meeting point at the skyline.

Copyright © Lydia Cresswell 2018